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Bartolome.- This is the most photographed island in the Archipelago, and its pictures are the most shown next to Galapagos' name. In fact, a walk through an unusual lava landscape, and then up some wooden stairs, will take you to the top, from where the view is more spectacular than what the images suggest. There is a beautiful crescent shaped beach where you can snorkel among the endemic penguins from Galapagos, marine turtles and tropical fish schools.



Departure day - tuesday and friday

Pick up passengers at the hotel at 06:00 am - The bus picks up passengers and transports them from Puerto Ayora to Itabaca Channel Boat, the journey takes about 45 minutes. 


07:30 am - The dinghy picks up passengers in the channel and takes them to Yacht, the ride to Sullivan Bay starts when passengers are on board, it is a journey that takes two and half hours. As the journey begins early passengers will have breakfast on the boat.



10:00 am - We have a dry landing. Sullivan Bay is located southeast of Santiago Island. The trail runs through pahoehoe lava flows possibly originated in the late nineteenth century, a time when volcanic activity was reported in the southeastern part of Santiago, geologically considered a young flow. Therefore, we recommend you should wear hiking shoes because the trail is formed by lava rocks and various levels of moderate difficulty, it is not advisable to wear sneakers (flip-flops/hawaianas). Bring sunscreen and a bottle of water.



11:00 am - We return to the boat to do snorkelling in Sullivan Bay. Lunch



12:30 pm - We have a dry landing. The visit to the Spanish Steps, is located on Bartolome Island, the same one that has a built wooden walkway which has a course of 795 meters therefore, you can wear any type of footwear. The main attraction of this site visit is its geological volcanic composition type easily visible from different vantage points of the path. From the top we can see the landscape of higher currency demand in the archipelago,Besides, we may also observe the Pinnacle Rock, the beaches on either sides, the sea surrounding it which is in front of Santiago Island, with its colorful tuff cones and lava flows that largely dominate the southern part of that island.



02:30 pm - Return to the boat and start the journey back to Channel Itabaca, the trip takes two hours and 30 minutes, where the bus will be waiting for passengers to take them to their hotels.


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