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Santa Cruz.- With an area of 986 Km2, this is the second largest island of the Archipelago. Its highest point, Crocker Hill, goes up to 864 Mts. above sea level. Its principal city is Puerto Ayora, which is the place with the main economic activity, and also the center for tourism in Galapagos.


Here functions The National Park's office, as well as the Charles Darwin Scientific Station, where you can visit the Van Straelen Exhibition Center and the incubation and raising of the Giant tortoises, where you will observe the baby tortoises before their repatriation to their natural habitat.


Another interesting site is Tortuga Bay, a beautiful beach surrounded by mangroves where you can observe sharks, Manta rays, marine iguanas and several sea birds. Beaches such as this one, surrounded by nature, and without the track of humans, are the example of the unrivalled beauty of Galapagos.


Bachas are two adjacent white sand beaches, where people can swim and practice snorkel. In a close by lagoon, you can watch flamingos.


Black Turtle Cove is a salt-water lagoon surrounded by different mangrove species and in its quiet crystal clear waters you can observe marine turtles, sharks and rays.


Lava tunnels, of more than a kilometer in length, were made by the solidification of the surface of a lava flow. When the flow stops, the liquid lava inside keeps on flowing, leaving the exterior surface solidified and forming the tunnels.


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