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Santa Fe.- After landing on a beach next to a sea lion colony, a short walk will bring you to one of the widest Opuntia cactus forest in the Islands. Here you will find Cacti of close to 10 m. in height. You will also see a different land Iguana species, endemic to Santa Fe, as well as rice rats, also endemic.



Departure day - monday

Pick up passengers at the hotel at 07:00 am - The bus picks up passengers and transports them from Puerto Ayora to Itabaca Channel Boat, the journey takes about 45 minutes.


08:30 am - The dinghy picks up passengers in the channel and takes them to Yacht, the ride to Santa Fe starts when all the passengers are on board, it is a journey that lasts 2 hours.



10:30 am - Wet landing. In this type of landing it is recommended to put the shoes in the backpack or load them on hands, because the landing is on the shore of the beach and the passengers will get wet above the ankles. It is advisable to wear hiking shoes (sports shoes)


The check point to visit Santa Fe is the northwest of the island, It is a beautiful turquoise bay with two white sand beaches populated by sea lions (Zalophus wollebaeki) sunbathing. The landing is made at any of the beaches and the trail begins behind Monte Salado bushes (Cryptocarpus pyriformis). The path is rocky, but it is not a quick or difficult hike it takes about an hour and a half to look at the different animals such as finches, the Galapagos doves probably, the Galapagos snakes, coastal flying rodents and perhaps some hawks looking for a potential prey.


The star on Santa Fe is the pale land iguana, endemic to the island, this means that it is the only place where you can find it. The only place in the world where this type of land iguana lives. 


Santa Fe Island also has a type of cactus found only there (the cactus Opuntia echios var Barringtonensis) larger and thicker than any other in Galapagos, reaching a height of eight feet and a circumference of about two meters. 

The trail ends at the second beach.



12:00 pm - The dinghy picks up passengers to take them to the yacht for lunch. and Snorkeling in the bay.



01:40 pm - Return to the boat to start the journey back to Channel Itabaca (the trip takes two hours) where the bus will be waiting for passengers to take them to their hotels..


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