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North Seymour.- This is the perfect place for marine bird watching, like blue footed boobies, frigates, swallow tailed gulls, all of these nesting in season. The sound, the variety of their activities, the colonies sizes, is part of one of the most fascinating experiences in Galapagos. In the other side of the Island, you will be able to see sea lions, playing with the waves, which afterwards crash against the rocks that are covered with marine Iguanas.



Departure day - thrusday and saturday

Pick up passengers at the hotel, at 07:00 am - The bus picks up passengers and transports them from Puerto Ayora to Itabaca Channel Boat, the journey takes about 45 minutes.


08:30 am - The dinghy picks up passengers in the channel and takes them to Yacht, the ride to North Seymour starts when all passengers are on board, it is a trip that takes 45 minutes.



10:00 am - We have a dry landing. This means that you can get to the dock with your shoes on.  This is a flat, rocky island, that requires comfortable shoes for the hike, the trail is only 2 miles, but do not forget the bottle of water and sun protection because the tour is about an hour and a half. 


North Seymour is a small island located north of Baltra (also known as South Seymour, by the location of the airport) the land is quite barren and rocky and the vegetation consists mostly of cactus, palo santo trees, bat green, muyuyos and portulaca. The island is one of the most beautiful attractions in Galapagos, and we can find the most iconic animals of the islands. It is one of the few places where we can enter and visit the colony of frigate birds, nesting in the bushes near the trails. The male frigate birds in their mating season, inflate their red craw to attract females. Later we find the famous blue-footed boobies, which also nest on the island. They can be seen performing courtship, which is one of the most amazing spectacles of nature. they are seen incubating eggs, feeding their chicks or watching them to become strong and able to fly and fish on their own. 


We can also, find land iguanas around the cactus finches, Galapagos doves, lava herons, zayapas and playful sea lion pups on the banks.



11:45 am - We go back on board to go to Bachas Beach. The sailing lasts about 45 minutes. Lunch on board



01:00 pm - Wet landing. In this type of landing it is recommended to put the shoes in the backpack or load them on hands, because the landing is on the shore of the beach and the passengers will get wet above the ankles. In here, we will have a small hike that can be done in slippers or barefoot, because this type of sand does not absorb the sun's heat. The tour is behind the sand dunes in which there is a hypersaline lagoon where you can see flamingos, lapwings real, pintail Galapagos finches and canaries. Flying over we can also see blue-footed boobies, pelicans and frigates.

We will be able to enjoy snorkelling after a 20 minutes walk. The boat has the mask and tube for this activity.



02.30 pm - Return to the boat to start the journey back to Channel Itabaca (journey time 40 minutes) where the bus will be waiting for passengers to take them to their hotels.


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